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November 9, 2023

Are you spending too much time on repetitive tasks and not enough on what really matters? If you work in an insurance brokerage or agency, you're in luck. Quandri has come up with a solution to automate these repetitive processes so your team can focus on value-producing activities.

What Quandri's Digital Workers Do

Quandri takes the repetitive tasks commonly found in insurance brokerages and agencies and trains a digital worker to take over that role for you. What does this mean for you? It means that you can redirect your resources to activities that generate value and potential income instead of performing menial tasks. By utilizing a digital worker, you can also reduce human error by up to 15%, increase predictability, and reliability, and decrease the need for hiring as your business grows.

With the introduction of a digital worker, companies have seen 100% of them produce a positive return on investment, average cost savings of 80% per process, and a 10 times faster completion rate with a process completion percentage of 95%.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Testimonials from Cornerstone Insurance tell of a remarkable 120 hours repurposed per month from the eDoc & Inbound Leads process. Beth W, who works at Cornerstone Insurance, attested to it, saying, "As our business continues to grow, we realized how valuable time is and focusing that time on tasks that help move the business forward. Although the tasks being performed were extremely important, they didn't necessarily require a human to do them."

Deploy Your Digital Workforce Now

If you're interested in deploying a digital worker for your insurance business, Quandri has made it easy for you. Their out-of-the-box digital workers can be integrated into your agency or brokerage, leveraging advanced automation and AI in just a matter of weeks.

With digital workers taking care of repetitive tasks, imagine how much more you could achieve. Say goodbye to outdated technology applications and false promises and say hello to increased productivity and value generation.

Pros and Cons of Quandri's Digital Workers


  • Increased productivity by delegating repetitive tasks to digital workers.
  • Reduction in human error.
  • Significant cost savings and faster completion rates.


  • Initial time investment in integrating digital workers may be required.
  • Potential technical intricacies in the deployment process.

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