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Professional AI Voice Changer Software and Services

November 22, 2023
Professional AI Voice Changer Software and Services

Are you interested in creatively expressing yourself through media production? Altered Studio is a cutting-edge tool that uses AI to allow you to change your voice to a variety of pre-selected or custom voices, making it easy to create professional-sounding voice performances with just a few clicks. Whether you're a content creator, voice actor, or simply enjoy voice chat, Altered Studio has something for you.


Premium Voice Changer

Altered Studio offers a voice content creation platform with exclusive access to unique speech-to-speech voice morphing technology. It seamlessly integrates various voice AI technologies into a single, user-friendly application for media production.

Real-Time Voice Morphing

For real-time communication, Altered Studio provides ultra-low latency voice morphing for voice chat. You can change your vocal identity, accent, performance style, age, and gender while maintaining the tempo, inflection, and tonality of your delivery.

AI-Powered Voice Cloning

With Altered Studio, you can replicate a person’s voice using just a few seconds of recordings, creating personalized, human-like voices tailored to your needs.

Premium Text-to-Speech

AI-powered voices from Altered Studio sound just like real humans, bid farewell to robotic voices, and welcome natural and engaging narration for professional results.

AI Voice Cleaning

Make your recordings sound clean and professional by removing background noises, voice fillers, mouth artifacts, and optimizing dialogue pacing, all with AI voice cleaning features.

Custom Voice Cloning

Need a specific voice for your project? Whether it's the voice of a famous actor, a captivating voice-talent, a friend, a grandparent, or even your voice at a younger age, Altered Studio's premium services offer custom voice cloning to meet your unique needs.

Benefits of Altered Studio


  • User-friendly application for changing voice in real time
  • Can be used for both real-time communication and post-production
  • Offers a range of AI-powered voice transformation features
  • Provides high-quality, natural-sounding voices


  • Premium features may involve additional costs
  • Some users may prefer more manual control over voice editing

Whether you're a content creator looking to level up your media production game, or just someone who wants to have fun with voice chat, Altered Studio has something to offer. So try Altered Studio today and start exploring the endless possibilities for creative expression, privacy protection, and immersive experiences!

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