Introducing AskGPTExtension, an Android app powered by artificial intelligence that provides instant answers to your queries. AskGPTExtension seamlessly integrates with your device's Accessibility service to provide lightning-fast and accurate responses to your questions. By harnessing the power of GPT, a cutting-edge language model, AskGPTExtension revolutionizes the way you interact with your apps, making information retrieval effortless and efficient.

AskGPTExtension utilizes the capabilities of GPT to provide accurate and insightful answers to a wide range of questions. It reads your query using the Accessibility service and automatically fills in the query field for you, making the process seamless and efficient. With access to a vast repository of information, AskGPTExtension delivers comprehensive and accurate answers across a wide range of topics, from quick facts to in-depth explanations. Time is precious, and AskGPTExtension understands that. With lightning-fast responses, you'll get the information you need in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need for endless searching. It effortlessly integrates with your favorite apps, enhancing your overall user experience and making it an invaluable tool for productivity, research, and education.


  • Instant access to accurate information
  • Effortless integration with a variety of apps
  • Saves time by providing quick responses
  • Eliminates the need for manual typing


  • Requires Accessibility service permission

Ready to embark on an exciting journey of instant answers, seamless integration, and enhanced productivity? Download AskGPTExtension today and experience the future of interaction. With AskGPTExtension, the power of AI is at your fingertips!

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