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November 8, 2023

Discover Pixalto – Your AI Photo Enhancer Companion

In today's fast-paced digital era, bringing the best out of your photos is just a few clicks away, thanks to the innovative world of artificial intelligence. Meet Pixalto, an AI-powered photo enhancer app designed to turn your pictures into masterpieces with ease and precision.

Effortless Image Enhancement

Are you tired of dull backgrounds that take the focus away from the main subject of your photos? Pixalto comes to the rescue with its "Remove Background" feature. This tool quickly isolates your main subject and allows you to place it against a transparent or a new backdrop of your choice. This is ideal for creating professional-looking images that stand out, all without the need for complex editing software or skills.

Your Personal Professional Photo Editor

The Pixalto AI doesn’t stop there; it's equipped with a suite of tools to correct common photography issues. From fixing blurry images to reducing visual noise, Pixalto works wonders to enhance the overall quality of your pictures. Plus, if you're looking to perfect your portraits, the app excels at removing red-eye and blemishes, ensuring everyone looks their best. The "Separate Face" feature is also a standout, allowing users to extract individual faces from a group shot—perfect for identity photos or personalized avatars.

Bring Creativity to Life

Pixalto also offers a creative twist with the "Image Coloring" feature. You can transform any photo into a coloring page, turning your captured memories into a creative activity for kids and adults alike. What's more, you can compile these into PDF or hard copies to create your very own coloring books—unique gifts for friends and family!

Breathtaking Image Upscaling

For those who struggle with the limitations of low-resolution images, often seen in pictures shared over apps like WhatsApp, Pixalto's "Image Upscaling" breathes new life into these typically small and blurry photos. Watch in amazement as it upscales your images into clear, high-resolution versions, perfect for printing or viewing on larger screens.


  • User-friendly interface that simplifies complex photo editing.
  • Various powerful tools from background removal to facial retouching.
  • Creative options like converting photos into coloring pages.
  • The upscaling feature enhances the quality of low-res images effectively.


  • As with most AI-tools, some results might require manual tweaking for perfection.
  • Not all features might be free; there could be premium options for advanced editing.

Embrace the future of photo editing with Pixalto's AI power—you’ll find enhancing images has never been smarter or more convenient. Give your photos the treatment they deserve and let your creativity shine bright!

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