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November 9, 2023

Do you need assistance with creating your new business pitch or want to refine your presentation skills? PitchGPT is here to assist you in enhancing your next presentation. Simply install it as a Chrome extension and begin generating natural and engaging pitches in minutes.

PitchGPT harnesses the power of the latest artificial intelligence technology, enabling you to effortlessly generate text content. Tailored for pitches, this tool offers well-structured templates that can be seamlessly incorporated into your presentations. It's an excellent resource for professionals such as salespersons and entrepreneurs, streamlining the pitch creation process. Customize it to fit your specific needs or use it as a foundation for a more personalized touch. With PitchGPT, you can ensure that your next pitch is captivating, concise, and compelling.


  • Easy to use and time-saving.
  • Helps achieve a professional and polished pitch.
  • Works directly within your browser.


  • Currently only available for Chrome.
  • May require some editing for specific use cases.

So, why spend long hours on your next presentation when PitchGPT can expedite the process? Whether you're new to creating pitches or a seasoned pro, this tool can significantly impact your workflow. Add PitchGPT to your Chrome for free and elevate the quality of your pitches.

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