Pitch Patterns

Discover the Power of Pitch Patterns

Imagine if you could understand precisely what makes a sales call successful. What if you could identify the specific phrases or emotional responses that forge a stronger connection with potential clients? This isn't just a daydream for sales teams anymore. With the advent of advanced technology, a new tool has emerged to revolutionize the way sales calls are analyzed and perfected - and it's called Pitch Patterns.

How Pitch Patterns Enhances Your Sales Calls

Pitch Patterns is an innovative tool designed to give sales professionals a deeper insight into their sales calls. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, this platform automates the process of call analysis, allowing you to gain valuable information in a fraction of the time.

Discover Emotional and Logical Triggers

Sales isn't just about presenting a great product or service; it's about connecting with clients on an emotional and logical level. Pitch Patterns helps you see the patterns of communication that lead to higher client trust and engagement. It explores how emotions are mirrored between you and your client, creating a bond that can significantly boost your sales performance.

Improve Your Delivery

Long monologues can make a sales pitch dull. With Pitch Patterns, you can detect these stretches of one-sided speech and learn how to create more dynamic, concise, and compelling pitches that capture and retain client interest.

The Three-Step Method to Sales Success


Fast Analysis - Access call recordings and instantly uncover analysis that highlights key moments. Find out which patterns are working in the market and which aren't.


Speedy Coaching - Enhance your coaching process by focusing on the most critical parts of conversations. You'll be able to scale your coaching and avoid spending hours manually analyzing calls.


Replicate Success - Identify and adopt the winning pitch patterns across your team. By building a library of successful strategies, your team can consistently improve and sell more effectively.

Seamless Integration with Your Workflow

Pitch Patterns isn't just a standalone tool. It integrates smoothly with prominent platforms such as Zoom, Telemagic, Microsoft Teams, CloudTalk, Genesys, and Twilio. Simply add the service and let Pitch Patterns assimilate seamlessly into your existing workflow.

The Benefits at a Glance

· Analyze sales calls with AI efficiency.

· Detect emotional cues for better client relationships.

· Shorten and enrich sales pitches.

· Streamline coaching by focusing on pivotal conversation bits.

· Replicate successful strategies among your team.

About Pitch Patterns

Developed by Asya SIA, a multidisciplinary AI and Design lab situated in the Baltic States, Pitch Patterns is a part of a family of products that aim to bring the latest in artificial intelligence technology to everyday business operations.

Begin Your Journey to Better Sales Calls

Embracing Pitch Patterns could mean the difference between an average sales pitch and a remarkable one that closes deals. To dive deeper into what Pitch Patterns can do for your sales team, consider requesting a demo to experience firsthand how this tool can transform your sales process.

To request a demo or learn more about Pitch Patterns, visit Pitch Patterns Website.


· Accelerates the analysis of sales calls.

· Enhances emotional intelligence in sales interactions.

· Facilitates the replication of effective sales tactics.

· Adaptable with popular communication platforms.


· Relies on the quality of call recordings.

· Needs a certain degree of tech-savviness for full utilization.

· May require a cultural shift in less tech-oriented sales teams.

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