Paxton is an innovative AI legal assistant designed to support attorneys in their legal work. It is an advanced tool that aims to increase productivity, streamline research, and improve the overall quality of legal services. Here’s how Paxton can make your legal work less tedious and more efficient.

Instant Access to Legal Documents

Paxton provides instant access to an extensive database of over 60 million documents, including federal and state case law, statutes, regulations, and financial filings. This enables attorneys to quickly find relevant information, conduct thorough research, and stay updated with real-time regulatory changes.

Rapid Document Drafting

Drafting legal documents can be time-consuming, but Paxton simplifies the process by seamlessly integrating case law, statutes, and regulations into your templates. It learns to write drafts, briefs, and more based on your unique requirements, making drafting a breeze.

Comprehensive Natural Language Search

With Paxton, conducting comprehensive natural language searches has never been easier. Attorneys can swiftly analyze millions of cases and statutes, obtain accurate citations, and stay informed about legal updates without the hassle of traditional research methods.

Easy Collaboration and Learning

Paxton facilitates collaboration by allowing users to invite and share documents, generate ideas, edit faster, and comment anywhere to start discussions. Additionally, it serves as a valuable onboarding and continuous learning tool for legal teams, presenting case law and legal concepts in easy-to-understand formats for both newer associates and seasoned professionals.

Trusted and Reliable Citations

One of the key features of Paxton is its commitment to providing accurate citations for every claim it makes. This ensures that attorneys can trust the sources of information, verify facts, and minimize duplicative work, making Paxton a reliable tool for legal research and writing.

User Testimonials

Users have praised Paxton for its speed, ease of use, and accuracy in providing citations. They appreciate how it has become an essential tool for research, writing, and finding relevant statutes, ultimately streamlining their legal work.

Paxton offers a free trial with no account required. Experience the benefits of this AI legal assistant for yourself and see how it can revolutionize your legal research and document drafting processes.


  • Instant access to millions of legal documents
  • Seamless integration of case law and statutes for drafting documents
  • Comprehensive natural language search capabilities
  • Easy collaboration and learning for legal teams
  • Reliable and accurate citations for all claims


  • Requires some time for initial training and customization
  • May not cover very specific or niche areas of law extensively

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