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November 9, 2023

Introducing OneSub – The Friendly Way to Stay Informed

Are you tired of sifting through news stories filled with negativity, violence, and crisis? OneSub has your back. This tool presents you with top news stories in a calmer, friendlier, and more stress-free way – tailored just for you. Here’s how OneSub keeps you informed while caring for your emotional and mental well-being:

Edition Stories

Breaking in the United Kingdom

  • Martha Thomas thriving at Tottenham after tough season at Manchester United

  • Martha Thomas has found success and belief at Tottenham after a challenging season at Manchester United.

  • Boris Johnson accuses Rishi Sunak of being a 'stooge' installed by Dominic Cummings

  • Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticizes current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, accusing him of being a 'stooge' put in place by Dominic Cummings. Johnson claims that Sunak has left the Conservative Party 'drifting to defeat' with no clear strategy.

  • Bank of England Holds Interest Rates at 5.25% Amidst Stagnating Economy and Inflation Concerns

  • The Bank of England has decided to keep interest rates at 5.25%, the highest level in 15 years, as the UK economy faces stagnation and inflation concerns. The central bank warned of the risk of recession and projected zero growth in 2024. The decision comes as the economy teeters on the brink of recession and inflation remains stubbornly high.

Today in the United Kingdom

  • Pro-Palestinian march on Armistice Day to go ahead despite concerns

  • A pro-Palestinian march scheduled for Armistice Day in London will proceed despite concerns about potential disruption and disrespect to remembrance events.

  • UK Government and Police Clash Over Pro-Palestinian March in London

  • The UK government and London's police chief are in disagreement over the handling of a pro-Palestinian march scheduled for Saturday in London. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has criticized the march, calling it disrespectful, while the police commissioner, Mark Rowley, has stated that a ban would require intelligence of a serious threat of disorder. The police have asked the organizers to postpone the demonstration, but have not called for a ban.

  • Young actor almost missed out on playing Prince Harry in The Crown due to a tan

  • The casting of a young actor to play Prince Harry in the final series of The Crown was almost jeopardized when he got a tan at the beach. Fflyn Edwards, 14, who plays the role, revealed that his mother had to slather him in suncream after receiving the news of his casting.

With OneSub, you receive crisp and concise summaries of these stories customized to deliver the content you want. Here are some of the pros and cons of using OneSub:


  • Information is presented in an emotionally friendly way, helping you stay informed without inducing stress.
  • You get access to the news you need in a format that suits your lifestyle and emotional well-being.


  • There might be stories or sources that are missed if they are not efficiently captured by OneSub's algorithms.

Stay informed without feeling overwhelmed or emotionally drained with OneSub – your friendly news companion!

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