Nft Creator

Create your own NFT (non-fungible token) with the NFT Creator app. This user-friendly tool, powered by AI, allows you to turn your artistic vision into a digital reality right from your phone or tablet.

Features of NFT Creator include the ability to create static images or GIFs, choose backgrounds and sizes, import your images, style your images with AI, add customizable text, apply filters, effects, and colors, store your NFT to IPFS, and mint your NFT on various testnet blockchains like Binance, CELO, or Matic. You can also mint your NFT on Polygon Mainnet for free, access a gallery of your saved NFTs, and search NFTs by name or address.

NFT Creator utilizes IPFS to securely link your NFT to a digital file, ensuring integrity and immutability. After minting your NFT, you will receive a transaction hash on the blockchain, and the app allows you to easily search for newly created NFTs using keywords or addresses.

One standout feature is the ability to mint your NFT on the Polygon Mainnet for free, providing an excellent opportunity for creators to get started without high costs. Additionally, the app prioritizes data privacy and security, with no data shared with third parties and encrypted data in transit.

Download NFT Creator now and turn your vision into a unique digital asset.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Option to mint on Polygon Mainnet for free
  • AI-powered styling for images
  • Secure data storage and linking using IPFS
  • No registration required


  • Limited blockchain options for minting
  • Limited customization features for minting tokens

Create, store, and mint your NFTs today with NFT Creator.

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