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November 8, 2023
You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.MADLADHow do I work?PricingJoin my DiscordAdd me to DiscordA bot that can do anything a community moderator can.Train the bot, add to chat, witness its human-like behavior—better than human mods lolAdd me to DiscordBook a callUsed by 27.6K+ Members of 5 Communities and answered 2501 Questions of 206 Unique askersHow do I work?Just a few clicks, and you have a Personal Community Moderator that works 24/7.Get your own personalized community bot in less than 15 minutes.InviteAdd the bot to your discord community.TrainTrain the bot with all the links (information) you want it to know about.AskLet the community ask questions & see Maddy replying perfectly.PricingI have got Pricing plans that'll suit requirements of all types of communities Now you don't need to think twice before using me ;) $20/monthAsk 750 Questions every month.Train 50 web pages.Subscribe$40/monthAsk 1500 Questions every month.Train 200 web pages.Subscribe$50/monthAsk unlimited Questions every month.Train unlimited web pages.Early access to new features.SubscribeHow do I work?PricingBook a callFollow me on TwitterJoin my DiscordContact SupportPrivacy PolicyTerms and conditionsBuilt by Rajat and Anushka
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