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Lumi Tarot

November 9, 2023
Lumi Tarot

Lumi Tarot offers personalized tarot readings that integrate traditional tarot with the insights of AI. Our online tarot service provides tailored and insightful readings for your specific situation.

Tailored readings: Our AI-based service delivers unique readings for your specific question or concern. Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, it offers a quick and easy process for fast answers.

Explore different tarot decks: Choose from a variety of decks to enhance your reading experience and gain a deeper understanding of your question. Each deck has unique symbolism and meanings, allowing you to switch between decks for different readings.

3D experience: Our high-quality 3D graphics provide a realistic and immersive reading experience. Interact with the cards and the reading in a lifelike and engaging way.

Friendly experience: Lumi Tarot creates a friendly and approachable reading experience - like having a conversation with a trusted friend who provides valuable insights and advice.

Save and share results: Keep track of your readings over time and share them with others for comparison or input.

Lumi Tarot has strengthened the faith of many and satisfied long-time tarot users with accurate and insightful readings. Whether seeking guidance, clarity, or personal growth, Lumi Tarot is here to provide the answers you seek.


  • Personalized and tailored readings
  • Wide variety of tarot decks
  • Engaging 3D experience
  • Friendly and approachable customer experience
  • Share and keep track of reading results


  • Some users might prefer in-person tarot readings for a deeper connection
  • The reliance on AI algorithms might be seen as less personal by traditional tarot enthusiasts.

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