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November 8, 2023

Are you tired of missing out on conversations because you can't hear or understand what's being said? There's a new tool that can help with that! It's called Lugs, and it's powered by AI to accurately caption and transcribe all audio on your computer and microphone. The best part? No internet connection is required, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

How It Works

Lugs is simple to use. Just download the app for MacOS, and you're ready to go. Once it's installed, you can plug in your microphone, and it just works! Lugs provides best-in-class accuracy with lifetime updates, so you can trust that it will always give you the most accurate results every time.

No Internet, No Problem

What sets Lugs apart from other transcription tools is that it works on your device, transcribing audio quickly and accurately without needing to stream to the cloud. This means your conversations remain completely private and secure.

Adaptation and Accuracy deeply understands your conversation, allowing it to follow the context of your dialogue and give unmatched accuracy. Whether it's a one-on-one conversation or a group discussion, Lugs adapts to the conversation and ensures you never miss a word.

Built by the Hearing Impaired

One of the most unique aspects of Lugs is that it was built by the hard of hearing for their own daily use. This means that the tool is constantly improving based on real experiences, making it incredibly reliable and effective.

Try Now for Free

If you're ready to enhance your communication and never miss out on another conversation, you can download Lugs now and get access to the best in industry AI live caption generation. It's time to experience conversations in a whole new way, and Lugs is here to help.


  • Accurate and quick transcriptions
  • No need for an internet connection
  • Built by users who understand the real needs of the hearing impaired


  • Only available for MacOS currently
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