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LinkedIn Turbo Responder

December 6, 2023
LinkedIn Turbo Responder

The LinkedIn Turbo Responder is a versatile tool that's been designed to make interactions on LinkedIn smoother and quicker, particularly when responding to messages about job offers. The technology hinges on the OpenAI API, which empowers it to generate suitable replies to messages you receive from recruiters.

Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to use the LinkedIn Turbo Responder:

1. First, you'll need to add the LinkedIn Turbo Responder extension to your Chrome browser.

2. After installation, navigate your way to the LinkedIn conversations page by visiting LinkedIn Messaging.

3. Select a conversation thread that you want to respond to.

4. Click on the extension icon to launch the extension popup, and here you'll receive a suggested response tailored for your selected conversation.

Employing artificial intelligence, this tool takes the pressure off by crafting relevant and context-specific responses to the messages you've received. It's a smart assistant for your LinkedIn networking and helps manage your career communications more effectively.

Given that it's a rather recent development, the LinkedIn Turbo Responder stands at version 0.11, last updated on November 1, 2023. The extension takes up about 640KB of space and is currently available in English.

Although the developer, Jacek Dalkowski, has provided an email contact for support (, it’s worth noting that he hasn't identified as a trader, which is relevant information for consumers in the European Union, as consumer rights are not applicable to transactions with non-traders.

In assessing this tool, it offers the convenience of automating responses which can be quite handy for busy professionals. However, as with any AI-generated content, the responses may require a personal touch or some editing to ensure they fully capture the individual's voice and intent. Care should be taken to review the generated replies to maintain authenticity in your communications.

The LinkedIn Turbo Responder has not been rated or reviewed on the Chrome Web Store yet, which can make it difficult for potential users to gauge its effectiveness from a community perspective. Also, while Google offers a platform for such extensions, they do not verify the reviews, so users are encouraged to learn more about results and reviews independently.

Remember to always exercise personal judgment when relying on AI tools for communication. They can certainly increase efficiency, but the final touch should be authentically yours to ensure the best professional impact.

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