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November 8, 2023

Are you ready to revolutionize your business analytics? Meet GenAI, the AI-powered analytics platform that does the heavy lifting for you. With its seamless fusion of business and technology, GenAI provides users with accurate insights at unparalleled speed and scale while converting business requirements into executable machine language automatically.

Empower Your Business with GenAI

Here's what GenAI has to offer:

  • Explainable Insights: GenAI provides clear and understandable insights, making data analytics accessible to a wider audience.
  • Increased Productivity: Boost productivity by up to 70% by reducing the manhours required for data analysis.
  • Accelerated Analytics: Enjoy a 90% acceleration in analytics use case implementation thanks to its natural language interface.
  • Increased Adoption: GenAI removes technical dependencies through automation, leading to 5x increased adoption.

An Innovative Approach to Data & Analytics

GenAI focuses on modernizing your data and analytics ecosystem with key pillars of data management, embedded with intelligence. By providing AI-powered insights, it elevates your data transformation, supporting your business on its journey.

Meet the Team Behind the Innovation

The founding team behind GenAI has a wealth of experience in AI and analytics, having led businesses, engineered AI solutions, and architected solutions for multiple Fortune 500 companies, as well as being passionate speakers and promoters of technological innovation applied to business outcomes.

Flexible Pricing for All Business Sizes

GenAI offers pricing options tailored to individuals, startups & SMBs, and enterprises, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of its powerful analytics platform.

  • Individuals: Free with limited features for those eager to ignite their passion for analytics.
  • Startups & SMBs: A subscription model designed to help growth companies elevate their business analytics game.
  • Enterprises: Custom plans for organizations aspiring to transform and scale with a modern data ecosystem.

Get in Touch with GenAI

Ready to dive into the world of self-serve analytics and empower your business? Contact GenAI to book a demo, and kickstart your journey towards seamless and effective data analytics.

With GenAI at your service, you can unlock a new world of data insights, helping to drive increased productivity and growth across your organization.


  • Self-serve analytics provide a user-friendly experience
  • Focused on improving productivity and accelerating analytics
  • Offers flexible pricing options catering to different business sizes and needs


  • No explicit mention of specific industries catered to
  • Limited explanatory detail on the embedded intelligence

By integrating GenAI into your analytics process, you'll be leveraging an innovative platform that keeps your goals and insights at the center of its focus. Contact the team at GenAI to request a demo and start your journey towards enhanced and effortless data analytics.

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