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Kubo Create

November 8, 2023
Kubo Create

Kubo Design offers a tool to generate user interfaces, ideate solutions, and design better user experiences. The AI-powered Kubo Design offers a virtual Sidekick to assist users through the design process, streamlining ideation to final implementation. Here are some features and benefits to look forward to:

Text to UI: Kubo Design allows users to enter text and watch as AI transforms it into ready-to-use UI in a flash. This quick turnaround could be immensely helpful, especially when users are looking to rapidly iterate and test out different designs.

Kubo Sidekick: This virtual Sidekick is designed to help users create solutions, offering suggestions and supporting the creative process. With AI-powered assistance every step of the way, users can further streamline their ideation process and perhaps find inspiration in unexpected corners.

Export to Figma: In addition to offering a suite of AI-assisted designing capabilities, Kubo also seamlessly integrates with Figma - a highly popular interface design tool. Once users have refined their AI-generated designs, importing them to Figma for detailed customization or further enhancements is just a click away.

Join the Waitlist: Kubo Design is currently available on a waitlist basis - sign up to explore this tool and stay ahead in the world of design.

Stay Updated: While waiting, it's important to stay ahead of updates and other great news regarding Kubo.


  • AI-powered designing tools can dramatically speed up the prototyping and wireframing process.
  • Integration with popular tools like Figma makes it easy to incorporate AI-generated designs seamlessly into a workflow.


  • As with any AI assistance, sometimes there might be a need for manual tweaks and adjustments, particularly when designs require significant levels of customized attention.
  • The waitlist might present a temporary hurdle for those eager to jump right into using Kubo Design. But the benefits might make the wait worth it.

If you're looking for a tool to enhance your UI designs and streamline your creative process, Kubo Design could be the next big thing. Join the waitlist and let AI help you create the magical products your users will love.

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