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November 8, 2023

Do you ever come across a term while working and find it hard to understand? Well, we've got just the thing for you. Introducing Jargonnay - the super-easy way to get simple explanations for any jargons that you encounter at your job.

Jargonnay is an AI-powered tool for Mac that is designed to provide instant short explanations anywhere on your Mac. Here's why you should consider using Jargonnay:

Why Use Jargonnay?

  • Stay up to date with unfamiliar terms: Ask AI the meaning of ANY jargon that you encounter and you will get a crisp short "to the point" explanation.
  • Answer pops up right there: Simply highlight the unknown term and ask Jargonnay (by either right-click or pressing a shortcut) to see an explanation popup right there without having to go to any other app.
  • Works with ANY Mac application: Jargonnay works on ANY app on your Mac – all browsers, Notion, Slack, Notes, and every other app that allows you to highlight a term.
  • Personalized explanation: All the explanations are personalized for your own purpose using AI so that they are accurate and fit the context.
  • Web Dashboard: Using the web dashboard, you can also create your own dictionary, helpful for organizations that have their own jargons.
  • Add other users to your team: You can also add other users to your team and everyone will see those same explanations from your jargon dictionary.

Simple Pricing

Are you worried about the cost? Don't be! Jargonnay offers a Lifetime Free Plan – no strings attached. You can get instant short explanations anywhere on your Mac for absolutely no cost.

So, say goodbye to the confusion of jargon and hello to seamless understanding with Jargonnay. Give it a try today and make your workflow smoother and more efficient.


  • Provides instant and personalized explanations for jargon
  • Works with any Mac application
  • Free lifetime plan available


  • May not be as effective for complex, specialized jargon requirements

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