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November 10, 2023

Are you someone who wonders if there's an AI for a particular task? Many people turn to Twitter to seek AI-powered answers or apps.

One trending topic on Twitter is an AI-based tool that identifies clothes on Shein and provides information about where to buy the real version. Ordering clothes online and receiving something different from what you expected is a common scenario. Katie brought this issue up and sparked discussion around the potential development of such a tool.

AI is also seen as the answer to those moments of uncertainty when using memes. An AI advice tool could be a handy solution when unsure about the appropriateness or relevance of a meme. Master Punk shared sentiments that resonate with many – we all want to make sense, after all!

Several users also expressed interest in AI apps for their cooking and kitchen needs. For example, an app that allows you to input your home kitchen's inventory and then generates recipes based on what you've got. The aim is to provide easy access to recipes without going to the grocery store, given that we often find ourselves with random ingredients lying around the kitchen.

Another Twitter user inquired about an AI that recommends the right meme to use. While Master Punk was specifically interested in this tool, recommendation engines for memes could be broadly useful. Despite being a niche area of interest, the idea resonates with those seeking to use memes thoughtfully.

Although Bateson's project has ended due to various API changes and cost implications, this Twitter thread sheds light on the numerous everyday problems people hope AI technology can solve. The diverse and significant demand for AI-powered tools is amazing to see in the world. Those who possess the technical acumen could take a leap and solve these problems. The potential for AI technology to meet basic human needs is highly encouraging.

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