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November 9, 2023

Introducing Intelogos: Elevate Your Team's Performance

If you've been looking to gain a better understanding of your team's performance but finding it challenging to do so, Intelogos is here to simplify this process.

Understanding Your Team

Intelogos is the ultimate solution for smart and efficient performance management. Here's a closer look at the features that make Intelogos your go-to tool for team amplification:

Powerful Performance Data

At the core of Intelogos lies personal stats, which provide deep human analytics and measure main success criteria at work. These stats are updated daily and can be the starting point for understanding individual and team performance. This captured data not only helps anticipate problems but also identifies opportunities.

Real-time Observations and Suggestions

Enhancing the stats is Logos, a feature that analyzes thousands of data points per second. This process provides summary observations and actionable suggestions to improve your team's performance. It's like having an AI-powered advisor right in your workplace.

Company HQ at Your Fingertips

With an all-in-one Dashboard as your new company headquarters, managing time tracking, time offs, leaderboards, and overall company performance becomes a breeze. The Dashboard simplifies and aggregates key aspects of your company, making it easy to understand where to improve and what actions to take next.

Exciting Use Cases

Intelogos is an effective solution for a variety of business necessities, including development, design, marketing, human resources, law firms, and finances. Its versatile nature allows it to cater to remote work, hybrid teams, office employees, and call centers. It's even handy for data entries and general outsourcing.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Intelogos aims to make performance management accessible to all. The tool offers a straightforward and easy-to-understand pricing model for its users to embrace seamlessly.

Exclusive access to Intelogos is just a sign-up away. Get early access now by joining the beta program and start your journey to understanding and growing your team more seamlessly!

With Intelogos, understanding your team, and improving team performance has never been simpler. Join the Intelogos trend today and revolutionize your company's dynamics from within!


  • Captures real-time deep human analytics
  • Provides actionable performance suggestions
  • All-in-one dashboard simplifies company monitoring


  • Features may be too advanced for smaller teams
  • Some users may find the AI insights intrusive

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