Are you finding it challenging to complete your assignments on time due to the extensive research and writing involved? Instaphrase is a valuable tool designed to assist you in this area.

By utilizing AI technology, Instaphrase can automate the entire process of researching, writing, and formatting your assignments. Simply provide a description of your assignment, and Instaphrase will take care of the rest.

Instaphrase uses current articles, news, and academic papers to gather sources for your assignment and provides all the necessary references in your preferred citation format. The reports can be easily downloaded as PDF documents, facilitating submission to your professors or colleagues.

Reports are usually generated within 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the complexity of the task. Instaphrase is powered by the RAIDEN AI infrastructure, ensuring high-quality results every time. If you are interested, beta registrations are currently open, allowing you to sign up without any waitlisting.

Examples of assignments that can be automated with Instaphrase include discussing psychological concepts, researching the creative process of musical artists, explaining cybersecurity threats, and exploring the impact of AI on various industries.

The subscription cost for Instaphrase is $20 per month, which includes 20 credits. Additional credits can be purchased as needed.

If you are ready to simplify your research and writing process, consider signing up for the Instaphrase beta. With Instaphrase, you can manage your assignments more efficiently and effectively, without the concern of missing deadlines or spending excessive time on them.


  • Time-saving for research and writing
  • Customizable for different citation styles
  • Utilizes the RAIDEN AI infrastructure for high-quality results


  • Monthly subscription cost
  • Additional credits may need to be purchased for heavy usage

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