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November 8, 2023

Gnbly: Your Ultimate AI Assistant

Are you tired of spending hours on hold, scheduling appointments, and making countless phone calls? Introducing Gnbly, your personal AI assistant designed to simplify your life and keep you connected. From booking restaurant reservations to handling customer service support, Gnbly can do it all with just a simple command.

Use Cases

Gnbly is an AI assistant for everyone. Here are a few ways Gnbly can make your life easier:

  • Appointment Scheduling: Enjoy more free time as Gnbly takes care of booking doctor visits, salon appointments, and restaurant reservations.
  • Customer Service Support: Efficiently resolves issues and gathers crucial information.
  • Business Inquiries: Provides easy access to information from businesses using proficient inquiry capabilities.
  • Outbound Sales Call: Looking to do scripted calls, bulk calls, and more? Check out our sister product NatterGPT, a business version of Gnbly.


With Gnbly, you get access to a variety of features including:

  • Call recording: Keep track of important conversations and never miss a detail.
  • Navigate through IVR: Press buttons and handle tasks directly during a call.
  • Transfer to human: Easily transfer to a human in the middle of a call.
  • Handle both incoming and outgoing calls: Whether it's an incoming customer call or an outgoing sales call, Gnbly has you covered.


Have questions about using Gnbly? Check out some of our frequently asked questions:

  • Why do you not offer a free trial?
  • What are some limitations on what Gnbly can do?
  • How secure is my data when using Gnbly?
  • Can I customize my AI assistant's name/voice?
  • What country/region and language does Gnbly support?
  • What kind of tasks can Gnbly perform?


We offer pricing plans to support a wide range of use cases:

  • Hobby Plan: $20 per month for personal use, including a virtual number, 60 minutes of phone calls, and basic support.
  • Pro Plan: $200 per month for more advanced features like call recording, IVR interaction, and email support.
  • Business Plan: $2000 per month for enterprise-level support, lead qualification reports, and priority phone support.

Gnbly is your ultimate AI assistant, ready to simplify and streamline your daily communication. Whether you need help with booking appointments, handling customer service, or making outbound sales calls, Gnbly has the tools to make it happen. Sign up today and experience a new level of productivity and efficiency with Gnbly by your side.


  • Simplifies daily communication tasks
  • Handles a wide range of use cases, from personal to business needs
  • Offers advanced features like call recording and IVR interaction
  • Provides customizable pricing plans to fit a variety of budgets


  • May not fully replace human interaction in certain complex scenarios
  • Advanced features available in higher-priced plans

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