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November 9, 2023

Introducing GlazeGPT: Your AI Data Copilot

GlazeGPT is an AI-powered tool revolutionizing the way you access and analyze your business data. It allows you to interact with your databases in a natural, human-like manner without writing complex SQL queries, enabling you to gain valuable insights in real-time.

Features of GlazeGPT

  • Trusted by Unicorns: Over 123 unicorns across the world have put their trust in GlazeGPT to deliver remarkable results.

  • 11x ROI: Get an impressive 11x return on investment with GlazeGPT, making it a valuable addition to your data analytics toolkit.

  • Automated and Fast: GlazeGPT is 100% automated and operates at speeds of up to 10 times faster than manual data analysis processes.

  • Fine-Tuned Models: Utilize GlazeGPT's fine-tuned models to achieve over 99% accuracy in SQL generation, ensuring reliable and accurate results.

  • Automated Database Cataloging: GlazeGPT automatically understands your database's table relationships, primary and secondary key relationships, and unique enum values, all within hours.

  • Compliance and Privacy: Keep your data 100% private and fully compliant with privacy regulations. GlazeGPT operates through a secure and private cloud environment to ensure the utmost protection of your data.

  • Easy Integration: Integrate GlazeGPT with over 30 data sources, including popular databases such as Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery, and many more, in just 30 minutes.

  • Automated Alerts: Monitor your operations with real-time alerts on mission-critical KPIs such as GMV, fraudulent transactions, and more, sent directly to your team members on platforms like Slack, Google Chat, or Google Sheets.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use for non-technical business managers
  • Saves time and resources with automation
  • Industry-specific understanding for tailored insights


  • Potential learning curve for new users
  • Dependency on consistent data quality for optimal results

Industry-Specific Applications

  • Fintech: Set up automated alerts for time-sensitive variables such as fraud rate and average response time to ensure proactive measures are taken in a timely manner.

  • Healthcare: Host the GlazeGPT application on your private cloud to ensure the security of sensitive patient data, meeting the paramount importance of data privacy in the healthcare sector.

  • Edtech: Utilize GlazeGPT's understanding of education-specific terms to gain valuable insights into student outcomes, engagement, and more.

  • Logistics: Stay updated on critical logistics data such as on-time delivery rate and average shipment delays through GlazeGPT's automation alert setup.

GlazeGPT is designed to be the industry-standard text-to-SQL AI tool for enterprise analytics, offering exceptional accuracy and ease of use. With its advanced features and industry-specific applications, it's poised to become an invaluable asset for businesses looking to harness the power of their data effectively.

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