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November 9, 2023

Introducing Covey Scout Inbound AI for Inbound Applicant Screening

Covey Scout has an impressive solution for those tired of drowning in a sea of resumes or spending hours sifting through profiles with its custom AI bot for inbound applicant screening. Covey Scout aims to make your job easier and more efficient, allowing you to focus on high-quality interactions with the best candidates.

How It Works Covey Scout uses enterprise-grade generative AI to train custom bots, specifically designed to evaluate millions of candidate profiles with the same nuance as a human recruiter. This means you can now avoid the monotonous task of scanning through countless applications, as the AI bot takes care of the initial candidate evaluation, leaving you with a curated list of top candidates to engage with.

Benefits of Inbound

  • Full visibility on how candidate matches are determined
  • Utilizes enterprise-grade LLMs (Large Language Models)
  • AI assesses profiles with human-like nuance
  • Allows your team to retain its role as the strategic decision-makers

Testimonials and Results According to Anand Bheeman, VP Talent, "We hired 6 engineers and slashed hiring costs by 93% using Covey Scout." Dominic Miraglia, Chief Commercial Officer, also saw significant cost savings, stating, "We saved close to $500K in recruiting costs with Covey Scout."

AI for Outbound Candidate Sourcing Covey Scout also offers an AI-powered tool for outbound candidate sourcing. By providing details about the perfect candidate for your organization, Covey Scout can train their bots to evaluate candidates just like you would, saving you valuable time and resources.

Personalized Email Outreach Apart from candidate screening, Covey Scout also facilitates personalized outreach to engage candidates at scale. With the ability to find candidate emails, set up personalized messages, and integrate with your recruiting stack, Covey Scout makes engaging with potential hires a seamless process.

Conclusion With Covey Scout's AI solutions, you can significantly reduce your cost-per-hire, speed up your resume review process, and slash your time-to-fill, all while enhancing the overall candidate experience. Whether it's for inbound applicant screening or outbound candidate sourcing, Covey Scout's AI-powered tool seems to be making a real difference for talent acquisition leaders across the board.


  • Enhanced efficiency in screening and engaging with candidates
  • Ability to personalize outreach at scale
  • Cost-effective and time-saving tool for talent acquisition


  • Potential initial investment in AI technology
  • Reliance on AI for initial candidate evaluation may require some adjustment and oversight from recruiting teams

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