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Generate Custom AI avatar

November 10, 2023
Generate Custom AI avatar

Are you ever curious about what you'd look like animated or illustrated? is an AI-powered tool that creates unique avatars based on your own photos.

How it Works

Using is simple:

  1. Upload: Upload a few different selfies showing various angles of your face.
  2. Wait: While the system builds a personalized studio based on your photos, take a break and grab a coffee.
  3. Prompt: Once your studio is ready, you can craft a prompt or use the handy prompt guide to spark your imagination.

The App Advantage

For additional features and faster performance, you can download the app. It comes with free token prizes, push notifications for your sets, and a seamless experience for creating dreamy styles to share with friends.

Package Options offers two package options, each with its own perks:

  • Free Set: Includes 25 avatar generations in 6 unique styles. However, there is a minimum 2-hour wait time and the images will have advertisements and watermarks.
  • Premium Set: For a small fee of $1.99, you can enjoy 100 HQ avatar generations in 30 unique styles, without any waiting time, ads, or watermarks.

If you've ever wanted to see yourself or a friend in a new light, or if you simply enjoy digital art and avatars, is definitely worth a try. It's an enjoyable way to see familiar faces in a whole new way.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable prompts for unique avatars
  • The app offers a more streamlined experience and extra perks


  • Free set avatars come with watermarks and wait time
  • Premium set requires a small payment

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