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November 9, 2023

Think about how the right tool can help you get your work done. That's the promise that Freeplay offers—it’s the AI-powered tool for product teams to prototype quickly, test without worry, and optimize features for your customers. How, you ask? The answer is simple with LLMs (Language Learning Models).

Here are the top benefits of Freeplay you need to know about:

Prototype like a pro

  • Easily manage, version and restore all your prompts
  • Track results for specific versions and compare quality
  • Ability to try different LLMs in your app with the switch of a button

Ship with certainty

  • Automating testing for prompts, chains or chatbots
  • AI auto-evaluations for instant understanding
  • Curate test cases from real results

Move your metrics

  • Observe what's happening across every environment
  • Get insights and optimize quality and cost
  • Apply AI and human feedback to scoring production data

Built for the whole team

  • Collaborate on prompts, tests and labeling in a simple UI
  • Developer SDKs for Python, Node & Java
  • Deployment options to meet your compliance needs

Unleash your team's potential

  • Observe all your environments
  • Understand prompt cost and latency
  • Collaborate with your whole team
  • Experiment in your live code

So what are others saying about Freeplay? Jake Adams, Co-founder at Grain, commented: "When we started using LLMs, we immediately realized as testing is hard. What Freeplay is doing will give teams the confidence they need to ship faster & improve over time."

Overall, Freeplay might be the perfect all-in-one tool for your team. If you're interested, here are some factors to consider:


  1. Complete testing automation
  2. Ability to observe across all environments
  3. Collaborative works supports
  4. Developer-friendly with various SDKs available


  1. Optimization can be complex
  2. Might need some time to get fully acquainted with the tool

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