Are you tired of switching between apps? Do you sometimes wish your phone could understand what you need, no matter what you're doing? Well, today is your lucky day because FloatingAI is here to make your life easier!

What is FloatingAI?

FloatingAI is your own personal AI assistant, designed to float on your phone screen. It's powered by smart technology that understands all the information on your current screen and gives you suggestions based on your instructions.

How can FloatingAI help you?

  • FloatingAI can work with any app, suggesting replies in chat apps, providing comments from different perspectives on social media, and summarizing or extracting key points from any content.
  • It's super versatile. With FloatingAI, you can even create your own prompts, allowing it to read your phone and assist you in various tasks.
  • You don't need to worry about safety either, as FloatingAI supports inputting your OpenAI API Key, which means you won't need to pay for it. Plus, it doesn't send any data unnecessarily, giving you peace of mind.

How to get started?

Simply install FloatingAI from the app store and let your phone become even smarter than it already is!

The Pros of Using FloatingAI

  • Eliminates the need to switch between apps all the time
  • Offers suggestions in real-time, making handling relationships and social media easier
  • Provides personalized prompts, making it highly adaptable to your unique needs
  • Supports inputting your OpenAI API Key, ensuring that safety and data privacy are a top priority

The Cons of Using FloatingAI

  • Requires accessibility permission, which may make some users uncomfortable
  • Relies on connectivity to work efficiently, which might be challenging in areas with weak network coverage

Whether you're a social media enthusiast, frequent chit-chatter, or someone looking to make their life more efficient, FloatingAI is here to save the day. Give it a try and take your smartphone game to the next level.

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