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November 9, 2023

Are you tired of speaking with the same old voice? MagicMic is your new best friend with over 700 voices and sounds to choose from. With the top real-time voice changer, you can transform your voice instantly and have fun with your friends. But that’s not all! Here are our other fantastic products:

  • VoxBox: This AI-powered text-to-speech voice generator and voice cloner will amaze you with its abilities. You won’t believe it’s not a real person!

  • MarkGo: Handling watermarks on your videos and images has never been easier. Manage them seamlessly and protect your content with just a few clicks.

  • MusicAI: Need some background music for your videos? This AI music generator will create beautiful and unique covers for all your content needs. Let the music flow and bring your videos to life.

With these cutting-edge tools, you can play around with your voice, create voiceovers, protect your content, and enhance your videos with captivating music like never before. Download MagicMic and explore these incredible tools now!


  • Fun and interactive voice-changing app
  • Wide variety of voice options
  • AI-powered text-to-speech and music generator tools
  • Easy watermark management for videos and images


  • Some features may require additional purchases
  • Voice clarity may vary with certain voice options
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