Introducing aiBase, the fastest way to develop AI projects for your team! Are you seeking a seamless way to develop AI projects without the hassle of manual configuration or constant environment setup? Look no further than aiBase.

You can boost team deployments with ease by scaling faster than ever before, working from the tools you love, and deploying to the providers you trust. There's no need to learn a new IDE or change infrastructure providers.

Deliver any AI solution with aiBase, whether it involves large language models (LLMs), generative AI, or classical machine learning (ML). Allocate models for stakeholder endorsement, implement version control with Git, and ensure seamless deployment across various platforms.

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between tools. aiBase's Fleet & Pycharm plugins give engineers powerful deployment capabilities from their preferred IDE.

You can review and approve version control changes using Git, Github, or GitLab. Set approval chains to ensure compliance, security, and necessary sign-offs.

Easily manage deployments, releases, and locations; from local, on-prem, or cloud – without leaving aiBase.

Eliminate the need for manual configuration. Quickly set up a local development environment and start working on projects without hassle.

aiBase is built on docker & container technologies, providing a consistent environment across different stages of development and making deployment, scaling, and management of services related to ML, Data Engineering, and AI easier.

Create isolated containers for different components of projects, ensuring that dependencies & configurations don’t interfere with each other.

aiBase provides tools for efficient resource allocation and management within the containerized environment, crucial for resource-intensive tasks like training ML models & processing large datasets.

Handle security controls like network segmentation, access controls, and secure communication between containers, without compromising on security.

aiBase’s cutting-edge technology allows for fast iteration, making it the ideal platform for your team to develop any AI project seamlessly.


  • Easy integration with your team's existing workflow
  • Simplified local development without compromising security
  • Efficient resource management and scalability for AI projects


  • May require some time to learn to fully utilize all provided features

If you and your team are tired of the hassle of manual AI project development, give aiBase a try and experience the seamless, efficient, and secure way to develop AI projects.

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