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November 10, 2023

Are you a programmer looking to speed up your coding and software development process? Meet Eval, your new AI Codepilot.

What is Eval?

Eval is an AI-powered tool designed to assist you in writing code and building software at a faster pace. It harnesses the power of AI-driven pair programming to enhance your coding skills, streamline your workflow, and make you more efficient.

The Power of Eval

  • AI-Assisted Pair Programming: Eval acts as your coding partner, offering real-time suggestions and support as you write code.
  • Versatile Language Support: Eval integrates with your preferred IDE, adapting to your unique needs.
  • Improved Productivity: With Eval, you can receive tailored suggestions, spend less time searching for solutions, and speed up your debugging process.

Features of Eval

  1. Codepilot: AI Pair Programming
  2. AI Unit Test Writer
  3. AI Code Documentation
  4. Code Explanation & Analysis

Join the Waitinglist

If you're eager to experience the power of Eval, you can join the waiting list now and be one of the first to try out this exciting new tool.

Ready to supercharge your productivity and take your coding skills to the next level? Sign up for the waiting list today and get ready to see the difference that AI-powered pair programming can make in your development process.


  • Real-time AI support and suggestions
  • Versatile language support
  • Improved productivity and efficiency


  • Dependency on AI suggestions may lead to overreliance
  • Initial learning curve for integrating a new tool into the workflow.

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