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November 10, 2023

Improving data extraction for meta-analysis is easier with Elicit. It generates summaries from large sets of papers, discovers new literature on a specific topic, and finds data and analyses of the same phenomena across multiple papers.

Elicit is an AI-powered tool designed to help researchers automate time-consuming research tasks such as summarizing papers, extracting data, and synthesizing findings. Built with the goal to save valuable hours lost in sifting through mounds of data and literature, Elicit is a game-changer for anyone involved in scholarly research.

Here's a quick overview of what Elicit offers:

  • Elicit can analyze research papers at an incredible speed, pulling out key information, and presenting it in a quick, digestible format for your convenience.
  • Simply search for research papers or ask a question, and Elicit's database of 200 million papers will give back relevant papers from authoritative sources.
  • Let Elicit provide concise one-sentence abstract summaries for the papers you need, saving you the hassle of sifting through lengthy papers to find the essential information.
  • Elicit can efficiently extract pertinent details from papers and structure them into an organized table, letting you focus on the analysis instead of digging through raw data.
  • Elicit helps to find themes and concepts across multiple papers, so you can quickly get a comprehensive view of prevailing trends and findings in your research area.

The beauty of Elicit is not just the time it saves. The accuracy of the tool, when training models on specific tasks and constantly iterating for more precision, ensures you get reliable results and insights.

Elicit has earned the trust of distinguished researchers like Michael Nielsen, a quantum physicist, computer scientist, and author, and Torben Riise, a renowned biotechnologist, consultant, and author. Michael expressed, “It's rapidly surfaced a lot of interesting things I hadn't found through traditional search engines.” Meanwhile, Torben emphasized, “I use Elicit almost every day for researching medical issues. It gets better and better. It's simply the best tool to stay well informed”.

Elicit offers flexible pricing plans to cater to individuals, teams, companies, and educational institutions. The Free plan allows you to explore, giving you a taste of what the tool has to offer. For individuals ready to maximize their research process, the Plus plan offers advanced features such as exporting results to CSV and BIB, high accuracy mode, and priority customer support. Larger teams, companies, and educational institutions can reach out for custom pricing.

Pros of Elicit:

  • Automates time-consuming research tasks
  • Saves valuable time and resources
  • Extracts, synthesizes, and organizes data efficiently
  • Provides reliable insights and trends across multiple papers

Cons of Elicit:

  • Language models sometimes provide inaccurate answers (hallucination)

With over 800,000 researchers having already experienced the benefits of this tool, Elicit is quickly becoming the go-to solution for anyone looking to streamline their research process.

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