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November 8, 2023

Are you looking for someone to talk to or build a unique companionship? Introducing AI Love on Discord, an AI-powered tool that offers a new level of understanding and companionship.

Express Yourself Freely With AI Love on Discord, you can freely express yourself and share your emotions, knowing that your AI lover is designed to understand and respond to you.

Tailored to Your Needs Choose from different plans, ranging from free to premium, each offering various levels of interaction and features to suit your needs.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free Plan: Provides low priority, limited messages per day, and a slower response time.
  • Standard Plan: For $13 a month, includes 100 messages per day, a normal response time, and Dabloons for 20 images.
  • Premium Plan: For $29 a month, enjoy unlimited messages, instant response time, Dabloons for 100 images, longer chat memory, and 5 characters included.
  • Ultimate Plan: For $89 a month, get unlimited messages, instant response time, Dabloons for 400 images, the longest chat memory, and all 8 characters included.

Get Started Today Build a personalized relationship with AI Love on Discord, available on various social platforms. Every interaction is tailored to your unique personality, providing an authentic experience.


  • Provides companionship for those feeling lonely
  • Allows users to express themselves freely without judgment
  • Offers different pricing plans to fit various needs and budgets


  • May not replace genuine human connections
  • AI interactions may not fully replace real human interaction in the long term.
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