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November 8, 2023

Are you tired of missing out on potential customers after regular business hours? Perhaps you're caught up with work while the phone keeps ringing. Introducing Conju: the text-savvy AI assistant that can help convert those missed calls into booked jobs. Let's explore how Conju can help you attract more clients.

How Conju Works

  • Texts Back: When a customer calls and reaches your voicemail or doesn't get an answer, Conju automatically sends them a personalized SMS response.
  • Qualifies Leads: By engaging the caller and asking a few simple questions, Conju can determine if this is a potential customer worth pursuing.
  • Saves You Time: Conju filters out calls from people who aren't genuinely interested, only notifying you when there's a solid lead.

Stay Connected Even When You're Not Around

  • Engage from Anywhere: Conju enables you to stay on top of customer conversations even when you can't answer the phone yourself.
  • Fast Text Communication: With the power of SMS, you can continue chatting with your customer even after they've left your website.

Tailored to Your Business

Conju is tailored to cater to essential businesses such as locksmiths, cleaners, automotive services, and more, designed for those critical moments when your customer needs you the most.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Conju?


  • Never Miss a Job: With Conju, you won't miss potential work simply because you couldn't answer the phone.
  • Filters Out Bad Leads: You won't waste time on customers who ultimately don't need your services.
  • Fits Your Industry: It's customized for home, field, and retail services.


  • May Miss Personal Connection: Being AI-driven, it might lack the personal touch that a human can provide.

Are you ready to revolutionize your business? Conju might just be the tool you're seeking. Schedule a demo and see it in action.

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