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November 9, 2023

Confbrew is an AI-powered tool packed with all the delightful content from the Contentful Fast Forward 2022 conference. It's powered with Motif and fuels your content consumption experience with vigor and precision. Confbrew acts as a compass to guide you through the content expansive landscape and ensures that when you ask questions, the information is served promptly and tailored to be invigorating.

It's like having a conversation with a content oracle who is eager to serve you the hottest cup of knowledge on any topic you seek guidance on. The only thing missing for the satisfaction of your curiosity is a spoon to savor, digest, and secure your understanding with each sip from the conversations budding at Fast Forward 2022.

Why not go ahead and pour yourself a cup of Confbrew as an invigorating plunge into the world of knowledge? The experience will titillate each of your senses and leave you wanting more of the insights and revelations from the conference.


  • Quick and tailored responses to your questions.
  • A tool like having an informative conversation.


  • Lacks visual and auditory content.
  • Limited to information provided at the conference.

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