Colossyan Creator

If you are looking to create AI videos from text, Colossyan Creator is the platform for you. It allows you to easily and quickly transform PDFs and PPTs into engaging videos. The tool offers a variety of templates to customize your learning content and make it more engaging for your audience.


Colossyan Creator comes with a range of features to help you create high-quality videos:

  • AI Avatars: Choose from a diverse selection of AI avatars to present your content, including the option to create custom avatars.
  • Text to Video: Easily turn your text into engaging video content suitable for workplace learning.
  • Screen Recording: Capture your screen to effectively demonstrate processes and workflows in your videos.
  • Languages & Translation: Automatically translate your videos into multiple languages with just a click, making it easier to reach a wider audience.
  • Actors Conversation: Make your videos more interactive with conversations simulated by actors, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Resources: Access various resources such as webinars, case studies, and templates for inspiration and guidance in your video creation.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use for creating AI videos from text.
  • Offers a wide choice of AI avatars and customization options.
  • Features a convenient text-to-video conversion tool to simplify content creation.


  • Some advanced features may only be available with specific subscription plans.
  • Limited customizations for actor conversations.

Colossyan Creator is trusted by companies for excellence in workplace learning through its innovative approach to video creation. Whether you're an instructional designer or a content creator, this is a tool worth exploring to enhance your learning videos.

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