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November 9, 2023

Are you finding it difficult to code new projects or just need some assistance? Introducing CodeGPT – an AI copilot designed to make coding easier and more efficient. With CodeGPT, you can expect a seamless experience as you write code, test, and debug with confidence.

What CodeGPT Offers

  • AI-Powered Assistance: CodeGPT utilizes advanced AI technology to provide real-time assistance as you code.
  • Open-Source Platform: CodeGPT is an open-source tool, designed to continuously evolve with the community and remain free for everyone.
  • Enhanced Coding Skills: With CodeGPT's assistance, you can quickly improve your coding skills and become more proficient in your work.

The Latest Features

  • Advanced LLM Support: CodeGPT integrates the latest GPT-4 and Code LLama models, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date AI capabilities.
  • Seamless Operations: The tool seamlessly integrates with IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, and other popular platforms, streamlining your coding experience to a great extent.

User Feedback

CodeGPT has garnered a 4.5-star rating from users who appreciate the tool's effectiveness.


For an enhanced coding experience, consider trying out CodeGPT. It's a free and open-source tool that's here to assist you throughout your coding journey.


  • AI-powered assistance for coding, bringing a new level of efficiency and accuracy to the coding process.
  • Continuously evolving with enhanced features and support for the latest AI models.


  • Users have reported minor issues with certain integrations, although most of them have been resolved promptly.

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