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November 9, 2023

The latest AI-powered tool, the Cmd J AI, is tailored to improve your coding, offer writing assistance, and answer tricky queries with expert precision.

What Can it Do?

  1. Writing Assistance
  • Enhances your writing for composing emails swiftly and with confidence.
  • A grammar guru! Ensures your spelling and writing style are professionally outlined.
  • Need to revise? A simple click of Cmd/Alt + J, and your text is fine-tuned beautifully.
  1. Coding Assistance
  • Quickly fix code bugs with a press of Cmd + J.
  • Get instant code explanations and responses to issues you're stuck on.
  1. Assist with Drafts
  • Generate ready-made drafts for social media or blogs when creativity seems to have taken a hike.
  1. Google Co-Pilot
  • Get your questions answered instantly, no fuss, no typing.


  • Easy writing and coding.
  • Quick responses akin to human instant answers.
  • No login interruptions for premium users.
  • International user accessibility.


  • Limited availability of only 3000 requests per month for non-premium users.
  • Email support for the free tier.
  • Slower response times for non-premium users.

How it Works?

First, install it in Chrome, and then it's just a simple case of a few clicks:

  • OpenAI Request Limit: The free tier includes login interruptions.
  • Premium Access: Priority chat support, faster response times, no login interruptions, and availability for unlimited queries.
  • Pricing: Free for basic usage, for unlimited access, subscription starts at only $9 per month.

If you find your fingers fumbling over formulas and you're eternally at odds with written expression—clearly, ChatGPT is what you've been waiting for.

Get your hands on this nifty AI tool and supercharge your productivity!

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