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Welcome to a new and efficient way to extract data. We're excited to introduce the Chat2Query tool, powered by AI, to help you navigate and sift through the vast amounts of information present on platforms like Hacker News.

What Can Chat2Query Do?

  • Chat2Query is designed to streamline your data querying process. Simply ask about specific user statistics, the frequency of mentions of certain topics, trends in user activity, and even the most discussed domains on Hacker News.
  • Imagine having a virtual assistant capable of providing you with specific insights gleaned from the massive amount of data on Hacker News. That's what Chat2Query aims to deliver.

Pros of Chat2Query

  • Quick Access: Chat2Query provides a fast way to access and analyze specific data on Hacker News, eliminating the need for manual searching.
  • Comprehensive Insights: It offers a wide range of user and content-related queries, providing a comprehensive snapshot of various aspects of Hacker News activity.

Ease of Use

Using Chat2Query is incredibly simple. Just key in your queries, such as "How many times is Web3 mentioned on Hacker News per month?" or "What are the most shared website domains?" and let the AI-powered tool do the rest. It fetches the data and provides you with the precise information you need.

Cons of Chat2Query

  • Limitations: While Chat2Query streamlines data fetching, it may not be able to handle complex queries, requiring additional analysis.
  • Data Freshness: The tool retrieves real-time data, but there might be a slight lag between current trends and the information provided.

Make Informed Decisions

With Chat2Query, you can make informed decisions about your marketing strategies, content creation, or even to keep track of domain trends. Use this tool to stay ahead of the game and remain in the loop about everything happening on Hacker News.


In conclusion, Chat2Query is an exciting leap for those who rely on data from Hacker News. It's a user-friendly tool that reduces the time spent on extracting specific data—resulting in more efficient and actionable insights.

So, what are you waiting for?

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