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ChapterMe ChapterGPT

November 9, 2023
ChapterMe ChapterGPT

Are you tired of spending time adding chapters to your videos? Introducing ChapterMe ChapterGPT – the AI-powered tool that makes it easy and fast to add chapters to your videos in just a few minutes. No need for the time-consuming process of manually adding chapters anymore. This tool gives you the power to engage more people with your videos quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

  • Choose your video
  • ChapterGPT generates chapters
  • Add chapters to your video

Benefits of ChapterMe ChapterGPT:

  • Generates chapters 90% faster than manual methods
  • Ability to change the player color to match your brand Customer Reviews:
  • "Really love what you're building! It makes it much easier to navigate structured videos." - Kyle Corbitt, Director of Startup School at Y Combinator
  • "Awesome product honestly, great way to provide structure and inspectability/legibility into audio/video that was super hard to 'scan' to see if it's interesting. Crucial feature to help users know what to expect!" - Michael Jelly, Co-founder & CEO at Ethi

If you're ready to power up your chapters and engage more viewers, ChapterMe ChapterGPT is the way to go. Plus, you can try it for free – your first 2 videos' chapters are on them, with no credit card required. Say goodbye to manual chapter adding and hello to efficiency and engagement with ChapterMe!

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