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Census GPT

November 9, 2023
Census GPT

Are you in need of a tool to easily access and analyze census data? Look no further than Julius, your personal AI data analyst. With Julius, you can quickly retrieve information about income, education levels, population demographics, and even crime statistics in various areas across the United States.

What Can Julius Do?

With Julius, you can simply input your query and receive insightful data analysis. Here are some examples of queries you can try:

  • Find the richest neighborhood in Houston, TX
  • Discover the area in San Francisco with the highest racial diversity and the percentage population of each race
  • Identify the five cities in Florida with the highest crime rates
  • Explore the neighborhoods in San Francisco with the highest female to male ratio

What Data Does Julius Offer?

As of now, Julius has data pertaining to crime, demographics, income, education levels, and population in the USA. This data is sourced from reputable sources such as the 2021 ACS for census data and the FBI's 2019 UCR for crime data. The team is actively working to expand the range of data available, so stay tuned for even more useful insights!

Pros and Cons


  • Access to diverse and thorough data about various aspects of different locations
  • Quick and easy retrieval of crucial information
  • Regular updates and plans for expanding the available data


  • Limited to data within the United States
  • Dependency on the latest available data sources

Overall, Julius is a promising tool for anyone who needs to delve into census and crime data for research, planning, or simple curiosity. It's user-friendly, comprehensive, and continuously improving. Let Julius be your go-to AI data analyst.

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