Branchminds is your personal AI research assistant for Notion. It reads your Notion content and helps you research and find relevant web links on topics you care about.

Advantages of Branchminds:

  • Embedded within Notion, so no need to switch tabs between Notion and other tools.
  • Pulls content directly from the Notion page you specify and starts finding relevant web links.
  • Helps you associate your notes with web links, making it easier to gather resources for your work.
  • Can be used to brainstorm and infuse fresh ideas into your work.

How Can Branchminds Help? Branchminds allows you to research and crawl relevant links from the entire web without leaving your workspace, making it an effective assistant for your thoughts, helping you surface relevant ideas and become smarter in your workspaces.

Feedback and Support: As Branchminds is still in Beta, feedback and suggestions are super valuable. If you have ideas or suggestions for improvement, or just want to say hello to the team, they would love to hear from you. Reach out via email at

In Conclusion: Branchminds is a powerful tool embedded within Notion, empowering you to leverage AI to work smarter, not harder.

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