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November 9, 2023
Blend AI Studio

Are you tired of spending money on expensive photography agencies for your eCommerce business or influencer profile? Worry no more—BlendIt Studios Pvt Ltd has the perfect solution for you: AIBlend Studio. This AI-powered design tool helps you create professional product photos and designs in just two clicks. No more need for an agency or a freelancer—simply upload your product photo, describe your background scene, and download your AI-generated designs. This tool is perfect for various use cases, such as increasing conversion rates of your listings on Shopify Store, getting more visits and sales on your Etsy listing, creating real-looking car photoshoots, and developing profile photos and thumbnails for Instagram, YouTube & TikTok.

Over a million online sellers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have already chosen BlendIt Studios Pvt Ltd’s AIBlend Studio. Brown Folds from the company states, “We sell Crochet toys on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook Marketplace. We used to spend a lot of time and money hiring a photography agency in NYC. One day I saw an ad for Blend AI studio and gave it a try. The designs generated blew my mind. They look so sophisticated and complete. We now no longer need an agency. It has saved me so much money.”

Whether you're a small business owner, car dealership, or an influencer, AIBlend Studio can help elevate your visuals and make your products stand out.

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