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November 9, 2023

bigmp4's AI Video Enhancement is a powerful tool that utilizes advanced AI models to enhance, colorize, enlarge, and interpolate video files, resulting in improved video quality and a more lifelike appearance.

Features include lossless enlargement, video colorization, AI interpolation, slow motion, batch mode support, and GIF support.


  • How it works: bigmp4 processes video files through lossless enlargement, colorization, interpolation, and slow motion using advanced AI models.
  • File Types Supported: Supported video file types include mp4, mov, m4v, mkv, and avi, while supported image types include jpg, png, bmp, webp, and gif.
  • Processing Time: The time required depends on the number of frames and task settings; AI interpolation will double the frames, leading to an increase in processing time.


  • Effective lossless enlargement with improved video quality
  • Advanced colorization capabilities
  • Smooth and lifelike AI-based video interpolation
  • Support for batch mode and GIF files


  • Processing time might increase significantly for certain tasks
  • Limited to a specific set of video and image file formats

bigmp4's AI Video Enhancement tool strives to provide a seamless and efficient video enhancement experience. With its ability to upscale video quality, add vivid colors, and generate smooth slow-motion effects, this tool caters to a wide range of video enhancement needs. In a world where visual content plays a critical role, having the ability to enhance videos seamlessly and efficiently is crucial.

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