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November 8, 2023


Junior Developer? Build Your Coding Skills with BigDev

Are you a junior developer looking to build and improve your coding skills? BigDev might just be the platform you've been searching for. This AI-powered tool allows you to build real-world projects and streamline your coding journey. With over 276 developers already on board, it's a space where you can embrace hands-on project building and learn to use new technologies through practical application.

Here's how BigDev can simplify your learning journey:

1. Transition from Learning to Doing

To truly grasp coding concepts, it's essential to move beyond tutorials and delve into hands-on project building. This is where BigDev comes in handy. It's your pathway to solidifying your knowledge and getting acquainted with practical implementations and industry-standard tools and platforms. By working on real-world projects backed by Figma designs, user stories, and AI-driven insights, you can lay a robust foundation for your portfolio.

2. Emulate the Real-World Developer Workflow

With BigDev, you'll get to experience the real-world developer workflow – estimating tasks, implementing them, and reviewing for completion. The platform provides clear user stories and acceptance criteria, ensuring that you're not just coding but also problem-solving, planning, and executing based on real requirements and designs. This is where you'll truly wear the hat of a developer and prepare yourself for industry standards.

3. Friendly AI Support and Community Interaction

Feeling stuck with a project and need some guidance? Meet Elise, your AI Project Buddy. Elise is readily available to provide insights and guidance tailored to your projects and cards. For deeper discussions and a wider array of support, a vibrant and active community awaits. Together, they're your safety net for building and growing. With BigDev, you're never alone in your coding journey.

4. Level Up Your Coding Skills

The platform encourages you to earn XP and unlock new achievements with every project and card, turning each coding session into a celebration of progress. Compete on leaderboards with like-minded developers and set your sights on achieving greater milestones.

From building seamless music players to web-based game level editors, BigDev's variety of project offerings enable you to apply your coding skills in diverse scenarios, preparing you for future challenges.

So, if you're ready to unleash your coding superpowers, head over to BigDev and start building your dreams into reality! It's time to escape tutorial hell and embrace the hands-on project-based learning approach. Sign in with GitHub, and you're all set to begin your journey as a BIG developer.


  • Hands-on, project-based learning.
  • AI-driven insights provide tailored guidance.
  • Active community support enhances the learning experience.
  • Friendly user interface suitable for junior developers.


  • AI guidance might not fully replace human mentorship.
  • More project variety could enhance the platform's offerings.

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