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Best API Design Platform Online 2023

November 9, 2023
Best API Design Platform Online 2023

Are you tired of the complexity that comes with API design, testing, and deployment? Conektto might just be the tool you've been searching for. This AI-assisted platform promises to streamline your API integrations, eliminating the tedious technical steps and letting you focus on crafting your B2B solutions. Here’s a closer look at what Conektto offers:

Simplified API Design Process

Conektto’s Design Studio utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make API design intuitive and straightforward. You can effortlessly outline API contracts that comply with industry standards, which means that even those who aren't experienced coders – sometimes referred to as citizen developers – can take part in the API designing process without feeling daunted by its complexities.

Comprehensive API Testing

With an autonomous test studio, Conektto takes the headache out of testing your APIs. This includes creating mock-ups, generating tests, creating test data, executing tests, and performance testing. The platform handles the full spectrum of API testing needs, so you can ensure your API works as expected without dedicating weeks to testing.

Complete API Lifecycle Management

An all-in-one platform empowers users to not only design and test APIs but also to visualize, code, mock, deploy, and manage them post-deployment. This is especially important for enterprise-grade APIs that require robust management throughout their lifecycle.

Hybrid API Management

Conektto also provides intelligent API fabric for effortless design and construction of complex integration scenarios on hybrid API Management infrastructures. Even intricate API tasks become manageable, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your APIs.


APIs are a collaborative effort; they connect various systems and require different teams to work in tandem. Conektto fosters this collaboration, providing a platform where product managers, architects, developers, testers, and DevOps can work together seamlessly.

Community Edition and Pro Plans

Conektto offers a "Community Edition," which is free forever. This edition supports:

  • Unlimited Free Format API Design per month
  • 4 Aggregate APIs per month
  • 4 API Test projects per month
  • 6 months of data retention
  • 10 republish per project
  • 3 Collaborators per project
  • 10 test data generation requests

It also includes social login and GitHub Workspace Integration. On the other hand, the Pro Plan is for those who need more resources and includes unlimited accesses and longer data retention periods among other benefits.

User Experiences

Users have praised Conektto for its transformative nature. An Account Leader in the BFSI sector highlighted the importance of the tool for various roles involved in the API development process, celebrating its automation and collaborative features. Meanwhile, a DevOps Project Lead from a manufacturing services firm emphasized the cost-saving and productivity benefits.


  • AI-assisted design and testing simplify the API lifecycle
  • Encourages collaboration across different roles in an organization
  • Handles the complexities of hybrid API infrastructures
  • Offers a free version for small teams and individual use


  • The learning curve for those unfamiliar with API or AI concepts
  • Possibly too advanced for very small or simple projects
  • Pro Plan might be required for larger teams or complex integrations, which incurs additional costs

Overall, Conektto positions itself as an innovative tool in an API-driven world. It aims to modernize development through AI, advocating a smarter and more collaborative approach to integration. For teams looking to leverage these cutting-edge technologies, Conektto could be a game-changer.

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