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Asqme AI

November 9, 2023
Asqme AI

Welcome to the Future of Information Accessibility with

Imagine if the PDF files you rely on every day could talk to you, answer your questions, and interact with you as a knowledgeable friend would. That's exactly what offers – a chance to turn your static PDF documents into engaging smart chatbots that make accessing information not only straightforward but also quite fun!

How Works

Getting your chatbot up and running is as easy as 1-2-3 with

  1. Submit Your PDFs: Start by uploading your text data contained in PDF files.

  2. Activate's AI: The AI springs into action, analyzing the PDF and creating a conversational and dynamic chatbot.

  3. Engage with Your Chatbot: Your new chatbot is all set! Strike up a conversation and get real-time responses to all your queries.

Key Features of

  • Intelligent Learning Chatbot: With every conversation, the chatbot learns, becoming increasingly adept at providing the answers you need.

  • Real-Time Audio Responses: Not just text. Enjoy hearing your chatbot give you spoken answers, making the interaction feel more natural.

  • Visual & Auditory Interaction: The chatbot comes with Smart Face & Lip-Syncing features, creating a more versatile conversational agent.

  • Control & Transparency with Q&As: Using the White Box feature, you have the power to manage your Q&As through a user interface, giving you total control over the chatbot's knowledge base.

Why Choose for Your Business or Personal Needs stands out in the realm of chatbots due to its unique features that cater to a wide array of uses. Whether it's handling customer queries, assisting with project management, or just looking for a novel way to interact with textual content, is poised to redefine interactions with your data.

Getting Started

Join the waitlist now to be among the pioneers to access this innovative AI tool. Moreover, as an early subscriber, you get to relish the perk of a free month to enjoy all the benefits brings to the table.

Unlock the possibilities of your data and start your journey into the future of information accessibility with today!

Pros and Cons of


  • Interactive and engaging way to access PDF content
  • Learning AI chatbot that improves with each interaction
  • Visual and auditory features for a multi-sensory experience
  • High level of control and transparency for users


  • Might have a learning curve for those new to AI tools
  • Requires PDFs to be well-formatted for the best results
  • Dependence on the accuracy of AI in understanding and processing information

Transform the way you interact with information and let be the bridge to a smarter, more accessible data-driven world.

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