Get Quick Insights with ArxivGPT Chrome Extension

Are you tired of spending hours trying to understand complex arXiv papers? Whether you're a researcher or a student, grasping the main ideas and concepts from these papers can be a daunting task. But fear not – ArxivGPT is here to help you out!

What is ArxivGPT?

ArxivGPT is a Google Chrome plug-in that simplifies the process of understanding arXiv papers. With just a single click, it provides a summary of the paper and key insights, making it easy for you to get a quick grasp of the content. No more spending hours reading and rereading to understand complex academic language – ArxivGPT does the heavy lifting for you.

How Does ArxivGPT Work?

Using ArxivGPT is as simple as an arXiv paper click! Once installed, you can access the summary and key insights of the paper with a single click. The tool is designed to save you time and help you to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in your field of interest.

ArxivGPT's Features

  • Summarizes arXiv papers with a single click
  • Provides key insights and main concepts
  • Saves time and effort in understanding complex content
  • Perfect for researchers, students, and anyone interested in academic papers

Easily Stay Informed

By leveraging ArxivGPT, you can ask follow-up questions in the 'ask me anything' input/button, making it easier to dive deeper into the content and have a better understanding of the paper you're interested in.

Get the ArxivGPT Extension Today

Don't waste time trying to understand complex academic papers – let ArxivGPT do the hard work for you. With its ease of use and time-saving features, staying informed about the latest developments in your field has never been simpler!

ArxivGPT is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to keep up-to-date on the latest research. Install it today and start simplifying your academic journey!


  • Provides quick summaries and key insights from arXiv papers
  • Saves time and effort in understanding complex academic content


  • Limited to Google Chrome users
  • May not work with all arXiv papers

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