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November 8, 2023

Are you looking to hire top-tier remote developers without the hassle of sifting through countless resumes? Well, Arc might just be the solution you’ve been searching for! Arc is an AI-powered tool designed to connect companies with world-class developers from around the globe, making the hiring process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Here’s what makes Arc stand out:

  • Get Instant Matches: With Arc, you don’t need to spend hours on outreach or creating job ads. Throw the tedious search out the window because HireAI, the platform’s personal AI recruiter, brings a selection of top candidates directly to you from their vast pool of over 300,000 developers.

  • Tailored Candidate Lists: Forget the drag of manual screening. HireAI learns your preferences and continuously refines its suggestions to bring forward candidates that align with your company’s specific needs.

  • Speed Up the Hiring Process: Companies who use Arc typically hire 4 times faster. The platform offers curated, interview-ready candidates, verifying their skills and availability to help you cut down on preliminary interview rounds.

  • Financial Savings: Many businesses report significant cost savings, with some seeing as much as 58% reduced expenses compared to local hiring.

  • Bias Reduction: The AI evaluates all applicants against the same set of criteria, assisting in minimizing unconscious biases and promoting fairness in the hiring process.

  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: By using Arc, you streamline the hiring funnel, making it a seamless experience for candidates to be found and approached for relevant positions.

Clients from different industries have shared glowing testimonials about their successes with Arc. Companies like a leading AI meeting recorder app and an LA-based music fintech startup praised Arc for the quality of developers provided and the time and resources saved during their hiring processes.

How does Arc work? It’s simple:

  1. Full-time Hiring: Post your job on Arc, and HireAI will draw up a shortlist of the best matches. You can immediately access Arc’s curated list of candidates ready for interviews.

  2. Freelance Hiring: If you need freelance talent instead, Arc has you covered too. They present the top 2% of developers, fully vetted, ensuring you can hire the best freelancers within just 72 hours, billed by the hour.

Whether you’re looking for full-time developers or short-term freelance talent, Arc’s risk-free trial allows you to sample the service without any immediate commitment.

The AI-powered platform is also beneficial for developers seeking remote opportunities. With tools like a resume builder and a wide range of resources, Arc helps developers to get discovered by companies looking for their precise skills.

In summary, Arc delivers a multitude of advantages for both employers and developers. Employers can enjoy a streamlined hiring process, cost and time savings, reduced bias, and access to a diverse pool of talent. Meanwhile, developers can tap into a market brimming with remote opportunities and have resources at their disposal to help them succeed. However, it's essential to note that relying solely on AI for hiring could potentially overlook certain nuanced aspects of a candidate's profile, and personal interactions still hold considerable importance in making final hiring decisions.

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