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November 17, 2023

Are you searching for an AI tool that can help you train and run models faster and more efficiently? Kookree is a revolutionary GPGPU framework designed to outperform the competition and support a wide range of GPUs and FPGAs, making it a versatile and energy-efficient option for all your AI needs.

Key Features

Wide GPU Compatibility

  • Kookree supports a variety of GPUs and FPGAs, including AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, giving you the flexibility to choose the hardware that works best for you.

3X Faster Than CUDA

  • By simplifying complex networks into simpler Optypes, Kookree is able to run 3 times faster than CUDA on similar hardware, making it a powerhouse for AI processing.

Lightning-Fast Inference

  • Experience the fastest stable diffusion and LLamav2 inference with Kookree, boasting an impressive 0.294 seconds per iteration.

Direct Compilation Support

  • Kookree compiles your network before running it, resulting in super fast and efficient performance that will streamline your AI workflows.

Early Bird Offer

For those interested in harnessing the power of Kookree, the early bird offer includes a fully refundable deposit with a price tag of USD$30,000. This offer includes impressive specifications such as 738 FP16 TFLOPS, 144 GB GPU RAM, and 5.76 TB/s RAM bandwidth, making it a desirable option for organizations of all sizes.

Why Choose Kookree?

  • Versatile: With support for a wide range of GPUs and FPGAs, Kookree offers unparalleled flexibility for AI professionals.
  • Energy-Efficient: As a green GPGPU framework, Kookree is designed to run AI models more efficiently, saving on energy costs.
  • Performance: With lightning-fast inference and 3 times the speed of CUDA, Kookree is a powerhouse when it comes to AI processing.

Trusted by Organizations

Organizations of all sizes have put their trust in Kookree to deliver top-notch AI processing capabilities. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, Kookree has the power and versatility to meet your needs.

If you're in the market for a powerful and affordable computer that can run the latest and greatest AI models, be sure to check out the Kookree Box. It's all packed and ready to take your AI workflows to the next level.

With its impressive features, early bird offer, and trusted reputation, Kookree is definitely a tool worth considering for anyone looking to elevate their AI capabilities.

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