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November 22, 2023
AI Writer

The WordPress AI Writer Plugin is a tool designed to enhance content creation on your WordPress website. Integrated within the Gutenberg editor, this plugin uses cutting-edge ChatGPT AI technology to streamline the content creation process. It helps with generating headlines, improving grammar, and enhancing readability, tailored to your unique needs.

Key Features:

  • Integrated in the Gutenberg Editor: Access the AI Writer directly within Gutenberg for real-time suggestions and effortless content creation.
  • Content Streaming: See the content being generated in real time and make changes as you go, for more control.
  • Context Aware: Tailored responses based on available information, including post title and excerpt.
  • Content Rewriting & Improvements: Revamp multiple pieces of content easily with the Bulk Content rewriting feature.
  • Translation: Translate content into multiple languages with just a few clicks.
  • Change Tone: Transform content into different tones with just a few clicks in the settings menu.
  • Presets: Predefine the language, tone, and model of your AI-generated content for consistent writing style.
  • Unlimited Usage: Utilize your own Open AI API key for limitless access to AI-generated content.


  • Real-time content creation capabilities
  • Context-aware AI for tailored responses
  • Bulk rewriting and translation features
  • Easy-to-use interface integrated within Gutenberg
  • Unlimited usage with your own Open AI API key
  • Presets for consistent writing style


  • Users may need some familiarity with WordPress and the Gutenberg editor to maximize the benefits of this plugin.

The WordPress AI Writer Plugin is a valuable addition to streamline your content creation process on your WordPress website.

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