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AI Runner with Stable Diffusion

November 22, 2023
AI Runner with Stable Diffusion

Are you interested in an accessible way to create art without requiring technical expertise? AI Runner with Stable Diffusion is the tool for you. This tool provides access to Stable Diffusion, Kandinsky, and other AI models, allowing you to easily create beautiful art on your computer. The intuitive drawing tools and customizable options enable you to turn your sketches into stunning masterpieces.

Key Features:

  • Image Generation: Use Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky models to generate captivating images.
  • Flexible Prompts: Customize and weight your prompts using compel and automatic style prompt weighting.
  • Drawing Tools: Easily transform your sketches into works of art using a simple but growing set of art tools.
  • Infinite Canvas: Outpaint images to any size with an infinite canvas, accompanied by collapsible panels for a clean interface.
  • Image Filters: Modify your creations with image filters like pixel art and film filters for a unique aesthetic.
  • Customizable Options: Choose custom paths to store your models, embeddings, images, and more. You can also tweak memory settings to optimize your experience.
  • Easy Prompt Storage: Save your favorite prompts, edit them, and reload them using the prompt browser.

Usability and Performance:

  • Easy Setup: No extra installation requirements – just download, pair it with your favorite model, and run.
  • Fast Image Generation: Enjoy GPU acceleration for rapid image creation, with the option for CPU image generation as well.
  • Memory Preferences: Optimize your GPU RAM usage with customizable memory preferences.

Additional Features:

  • NSFW Filter: Toggle the NSFW filter for added control over your content.
  • Stored Sessions: Your settings and prompts are automatically saved and loaded between sessions for convenience.
  • Active Development: Regular updates mean you're always getting the latest features and improvements.

AI Runner with Stable Diffusion is an essential tool for unleashing creativity with AI-powered art tools. Experience the power of AI directly on your computer and start creating remarkable artwork today!


  • No need for technical knowledge
  • Customizable options
  • Fast image generation with GPU acceleration
  • Regular updates and active development


  • Dependent on hardware for image generation results

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