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AI Predictive Audiences

November 8, 2023
AI Predictive Audiences

AI Predictive Audiences: How a Revolutionary Tool Changes the Way You Reach Your Ideal Customers

AI Predictive Audiences is a revolutionary new tool that leverages machine learning to help you reach your target audience. In today's ever-changing digital world, we are all too aware of the growing difficulty in pinpointing the right audience to target for our products or services. That's where predictive audiences come into play.

How AI Predictive Audiences Works

Using the power of AI, this tool helps predict who's likely to be interested in your product or solution by identifying patterns among your existing customer base. By analyzing your first-party data - data you've collected from your audience or customers like email addresses, purchase histories, and other engagements - we can then train AI models to identify new, high-quality prospects that are similar to your ideal customers.

It's a change from typical lookalike audience strategies, which have taken a hit thanks to iOS 14 privacy changes. Traditional algorithm models rely heavily on data which has become more challenging to access due to increasing privacy features like the disabling of third-party cookies. By using your first-party data, this AI tool can set itself apart from traditional approaches. It's essentially cold traffic but full of potential, helping you bring new prospects in and stay ahead even with these privacy obstacles.

Why AI Matters

Perhaps you might be skeptical about AI being the new trend, and truthfully, the term "AI" is thrown around lightly. But here, AI technology matters for a few key reasons:

  1. Real customers like yourself are seeing real results: Many users have started seeing significant improvements over traditional lookalike models. For example, before switching to this AI predictive tool, one user was seeing a 154% ROAS using Facebook's lookalikes. However, with the new tool, they achieved a whopping 1,375% ROAS. This goes to show the tangible benefits of AI.
  2. Overcoming iOS 14 changes: With the recent update from iOS 14, things got tougher. Lookalike audiences within Meta Ads became nearly worthless overnight. These shifts created real challenges for digital marketers. This is where AI steps in and provides a solid solution to navigate these changes.

Pros and Cons


  • More Accurate: AI Predictive Audiences provide better accuracy in understanding who your ideal customers are.
  • Privacy Regulation: It helps navigate the privacy restrictions by leveraging first-party data effectively without being too invasive.


  • Initial Learning Curve: Adopting AI might seem challenging at the beginning for less tech-savvy individuals or those inexperienced in predictive analytics.
  • Cost: While the ROI does seem to be quite significant, changing your strategy could mean additional costs upfront.

Wrapping Up

The journey to digital marketing is witnessing an AI revolution. AI Predictive Audiences are showing the world that they can match user expectations and that it's not just a mere trend. As Facebook's lookalike models begin to show their faults, it's high time for new-age AI solutions to pave the way. Whether you're a well-established corporation or a small business, if you're wanting to effectively find your ideal customers, looking into predictive audiences might be the game-changer you've been waiting for.

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